Hercules Firestop Foam Fire Extinguisher 600g
Hercules Firestop Foam Fire Extinguisher 600g
Hercules Firestop Foam Fire Extinguisher 600g

Hercules Firestop Foam Fire Extinguisher 600g

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The Hercules Firestop Foam Fire Extinguisher is incredibly compact but has a serious fire stopping power. With 600g of fire fighting foam, it is more than capable to put out small fires. With its size, you can keep it anywhere you want. 


Costs 0.034 cents per day.

- Approximately 2 Years lifespan remaining

(Current batch date of manufacture is 11/22, expires on 11/25)

- Does not require any maintenance

- Can easily fit into any tight space.

- Made in Italy

- Very useful for initial fires

- To be used from a minimum safe distance of 1m

- Discharge time of 40 seconds allows you to aim


What type of fire can I use this fire extinguisher for?


Class A 
Combustible fires such as wood, newspaper, books, tyres, plastics, etc. 
Class B
Flammable liquids such as small amounts of paint and cooking oil. 
Class C
Gas fires from your cooking gas. Note: Turn off the gas before fighting fire*
Class E
Electric fires. Note: Turn off the electricity before fighting fire*

In the Singapore Standards, only the Class A & B logos are allowed to be displayed on the fire extinguisher. This is because SCDF is educating the general public that the correct way to fight Class C and E fires is to first turn off the source.


Fire Extinguisher Method of usage


What's inside the box?

  • 1 x Fire Extinguisher


This product complies to the Europe EN3 Fire Test Standards. 

EN 3-7 Portable fire extinguishers Characteristics, performance requirements and test methods inclusive of :

  • Fire Test Performance
  • Duration of discharge
  • Dielectric Test (Safe to use on electrical sources up to 1000v at min range of 1m)


 Due to constant improvements, product specifications may differ slightly.

*SCDF is educating the public on NOT to directly use fire extinguishers on class C and E fires. C and E fires will reignite almost immediately as heat is still being generated. This is why the first step of eliminating a Class C or E fire is to turn off the source by shutting off the gas or electrical supply. If there is still a fire, the fire is likely to be a class A or B fire which will be much easier to put out as compared to a C or E fire. This is also why class C and class E logos are no longer permitted on new fire extinguishers.

This fire extinguisher cannot to be used to replace fire extinguishers meant for commercial properties. SCDF requires commercial properties to have a larger portable fire extinguisher with a fire rating of at least 13A

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