Fire Hose Reel Signage (A Frame)

Fire Hose Reel Signage (A Frame)

  • Highly resistant to weather elements.
  • Very visible due to its shape.
  • The pictograms are made according to Singapore Standard 508
  • Made of PVC

Why use the A frame signage?
The normal flat signages are hardly visible from most angles. Despite being the cheaper option, they usually end up not serving their purpose - which is to show where the fire hose reel is. This is where the A frame signage shines, with a 3 dimensional design, it can be seen from all 180 degrees where it is displayed from. When placed higher up, there will be no blind spots. 

Compliance to Singapore Standards 508
The design of the pictogram follows strictly to the Singapore Standards 508. 

Some examples of fire hose reel being hidden directly or indirectly include being placed recessed cabinets or walls, where normal eye level vision is obstructed such as a furniture or clothes shop.

In the event of a fire, the fire hose reel A frame signage will be best visual indicator of where the fire hose reel is located at. This in turn allows the fire fighter to have faster access to a fire hose reel and more time to put out the incipient fire. 

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