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Fire Extinguisher Home Bundle

Fire Extinguisher Home Bundle

Comprehensive all in one, fire protection for your home needs. This bundle comes with our best selling 2KG fire extinguisher, HFAD smoke detector and fire blanket.

HERCULES 2KG Fire Extinguisher 

Hercules 2KG AB Dry powder fire extinguisher is commonly used at home, and on vehicles such as forklifts, pleasure craft or passenger vehicles. With its light weight and ergonomic handle, operation has never been easier. Small yet powerful, it is the definitive choice for incipient fires.

Comes with a wall bracket for mounting. (Self install) 

Fire Extinguisher is compliant with the latest Singapore Standards EN 3, and Singapore Standards 578. 

HERCULES SafeHome HFAD Smoke Detector 

Lifespan 5 Years battery

  • Photoelectric Technology
  • 3 Year Limited Smoke Detector Warranty
  • End of life warning 
  • Easy installation by drilling, or using stick on magnet 

Smoke Detector is compliant with EN Standards 14604, and is an LPCB approved product. 

HERCULES Fire Blanket 

A very versatile fire fighting equipment that does not require maintenance. Fire blankets can be used to cover fires or to safely escape.

Sizing: 1.8M x 1.8M (6' x 6') 
Wall mountable 

Fire Blanket is compliant with British Standards EN 1869. 

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