Fire Extinguisher - Hercules 2L Foam (5 Year Warranty)
Fire Extinguisher - Hercules 2L Foam (5 Year Warranty)

Fire Extinguisher - Hercules 2L Foam (5 Year Warranty)


Made in Italy, the Hercules 2 Litre foam fire extinguisher is the lightest and most powerful fire extinguisher of its class - Capable of fighting Class A, B and F fires. 

Using one of the best fire fighting foams, you can very easily put out not just one but FOUR sets of 30cm sized wok fires. After putting out the fire, just wipe away with a cloth.

While this fire extinguisher was made for kitchen fires, it can double up as a car fire extinguisher as well. At just 2.55KG in total weight, it is almost 1KG lighter than its Dry Powder counterpart. 

A technological marvel, the fire extinguisher body is beautifully pulled from one single sheet of Italian aluminium with the use of automated robots. Because no welding has to be done, it has a significantly lower leakage failure rate. The aluminium body guarantees that this fire extinguisher will never ever rust. 

With this fire extinguisher, you are paying for the very best quality for your family's safety.

Nothing else comes close.

Class A 
Combustible fires such as wood, newspaper, books, tyres, plastics, etc. 

Class B
Flammable liquids such as small amounts of paint and cooking oil. 

Class C
Gas fires from your cooking gas. Note: Turn off the gas before fighting fire

Class E
Electric fires. Note: Turn off the electricity before fighting fire

Class F
Deep Fryer fires. 

Comes with a free bracket. 

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Note: This is a fire extinguisher made specifically for the home kitchen. If you need an even larger one for commercial kitchens, what you should look for is the Hercules 6L Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

This product complies to the stringent European EN3 Fire Extinguisher Standards. 

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Due to constant improvements, product specifications may differ slightly.

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