Hercules 2L Foam Fire Extinguisher
Hercules 2L Foam Fire Extinguisher

Hercules 2L Foam Fire Extinguisher




The Lightest of them all.

The Hercules 2 Litre foam fire extinguisher is the lightest and most powerful fire extinguisher of its class - Capable of fighting Class A, B and F fires. 

Using one of the best fire fighting foams, you can very easily put out not just one but FOUR sets of 30cm sized wok fires. After putting out the fire, just wipe away with a cloth.

With this fire extinguisher, you are paying for the very best quality for your family's safety.

While this fire extinguisher was made for kitchen fires, it can double up as a car fire extinguisher as well. At just 2.55KG in total weight, it is almost 1KG lighter than its Dry Powder counterpart. 

Nothing else comes close.

Design & Construction.

Fully designed and manufactured in Italy. A technological marvel, the fire extinguisher body is beautifully pulled from one single sheet of Italian aluminum. Modern automated robots construct the entire cylinder body with zero possibility of human error. Because no welding has to be done, it has a significantly lower leakage failure rate.

The aluminum body guarantees that this fire extinguisher will never ever rust. 

What type of fire can I use this fire extinguisher for?

Class A 
Combustible fires such as wood, newspaper, books, tyres, plastics, etc. 
Class B
Flammable liquids such as small amounts of paint and cooking oil. 
Class C
Gas fires from your cooking gas. Note: Turn off the gas before fighting fire*
Class E
Electric fires. Note: Turn off the electricity before fighting fire*
Class F
Kitchen Fires involving cooking oil 


Outstanding performance for fighting the toughest fires.

What's inside the box?

  • 1 x Fire Extinguisher
  • 1 x Bracket (Not inclusive of screws)
  • 1 x 5 Year Carry In Manufacturer's Warranty


This product complies to the stringent European EN3 Fire Extinguisher Standards. 

EN 3-7 Portable fire extinguishers Characteristics, performance requirements and test methods inclusive of :
  • Fire Test Performance
  • Duration of discharge
  • Dielectric Test (Safe to use on electrical sources up to 1000v at min range of 1m)
  • Resistance to Corrosion
EN 3-8 Portable fire extinguishers Construction, resistance to pressure and mechanical tests for extinguishers
  • Pressure test (Cylinder shall not show signs of damage at 143% pressure)
  • Pressure Burst test (Cylinder shall not burst at 270% allowable pressure)
  • Mechanical Crush test
Note: This is a fire extinguisher made specifically for home kitchens. If you need one for commercial kitchens, you should look for Hercules 6L Kitchen Fire Extinguisher 


  • Superior 5 Year Duration
  • Carry in warranty
  • Free refilling in the event of a fire
  • 1:1 Delivery if dead on arrival


    Installation and Operation of Fire Extinguisher

     Download Fire Extinguisher Manual

    Due to constant improvements, product specifications may differ slightly.

    *SCDF is educating the public on NOT to directly use fire extinguishers on class C and E fires. C and E fires will reignite almost immediately as heat is still being generated. This is why the first step of eliminating a Class C or E fire is to turn off the source by shutting off the gas or electrical supply. If there is still a fire, the fire is likely to be a class A or B fire which will be much easier to put out as compared to a C or E fire. This is also why class C and class E logos are no longer permitted on new fire extinguishers.

    This fire extinguisher cannot to be used to replace fire extinguishers meant for commercial properties. SCDF requires commercial properties to have a larger portable fire extinguisher with a fire rating of at least 13A

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Piece of mind at home

    Bought the foam one for residential use after comparing with the powder version and other similar products online. Stored it vertically in my living room cabinet near the kitchen so that it can be readily accessible for emergency use.

    Pang Llui Lim
    Prompt delivery

    Prompt and efficient service. Easy to order. I feel safer if and when there is a fire.

    Feeling safer already

    Light and looks easy to handle. Hopefully it never needs to be used but glad to have it just in case!